What the users say:    

  • Thanks to MEDGIS, we are becoming paperless!  We now scan every
    document in the database.
  • As a lab supervisor, I like the way MEDGIS allows me to follow the
    progress on all our samples.
  • I'm addicted to the query system in MEDGIS: it's a great tool for research!
  • We've found MEDGIS to be of great value: easy to use and very effective

  • MEDGIS is a software package designed specifically for genetics
    professionals.  It covers many facets of the genetics field and can be
    used by:
  • Clinical groups (doctors and counselors)
  • Cytogenetics laboratories
  • Molecular diagnostics laboratories
  • Biochemical genetic laboratories
  • Prenatal screening laboratories

  • MEDGIS benefits are numerous and immediate:
  • instant access to information
  • easy monitoring of day to day activities
  • improved communication with patients and referring doctors
  • seamless interaction between labs and clinical groups
  • powerful data mining tools
  • significant savings in time and money

  • Introduced in 1991, MEDGIS is used by many genetics centers large
    and small.
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